Rating System

When I’m posting a review about a book, comic, graphic novel or movie, I’ll be giving a rating based on how I felt about the book as well as how well it was written. All reviews are my own honest opinions and I will cross-post these review to Goodreads.

I will give movies a ratings of 1-10 stars because I find that easier and more helpful because that’s just how I’m used to rating movies.

Books, comics and graphic novels on the other hand will receive a different kind of rating. I will be giving books and the like a 1-5 heart ratings.

The Book Ratings (or rather heart ratings):

1 Heart
I did not like the book at all

2 Hearts
Still didn’t like it, but I can see potential

3 Hearts
It was okay, I mean I liked it, but there was something missing

4 Hearts
I really liked it, but it didn’t blow me away

5 Hearts
I absolutely loved it

I also have ratings for every step in between to make it all a bit easier because sometimes a book is worth more than 3 hearts but less than 4.

The Movie Ratings (or rather star ratings):

1 Star
I absolutely despised it! Don’t ever want to hear about it again!

2 Stars
It was not even enjoyable and I didn’t want to continue watching

3 Stars
I barely made it through the movie, I had a lot of problems with it

4 Stars
It was okay but I expected way more. At least I made it through

5 Stars
It was enjoyable for the most part. But it still has a lot of problems

6 Stars
An average good film

7 Stars
Now we’re talking. I liked it but would probably not buy it on DVD/Blue-Ray

8 Stars
Definitely buying this on DVD/Blue-Ray. Not the best but liked it a whole lot!

9 Stars
There is almost nothing to complain about this movie. Loved it a lot and really want to watch it again!

10 Stars
Absolutely fell in love with it! Will re-watch it multiple times and will buy the DVD/Blue-Ray!

For the movie ratings goes the same is with the book ratings, I have ratings for every star in between for when a movie is worth just a bit more than a full star but less then the next one up.