Wrap-Up | May 2015

The month of May was not too bad for me, reading wise. I’ve only read 3 books, BUT one of those books was over 550 pages and in my native language. If you… Continue reading

Comics I Got #2

A new month means new comic releases! I’ve been closely monitoring the new releases of the series I follow and at the end of the month all of the new issues were out… Continue reading

Book Review #2 | Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I don’t even know how to start this review, I can’t, I just can’t. I don’t know how Victoria Aveyard did it but she almost succeeded in making me cry, in public, more than just once! (FYI: I rarely cry when it comes to books)

Book Review #1 | Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

I’m going to be honest here; I expected a lot more from the story because of all the hype and love it got last year when it was published. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the story, the characters, the build-up and the main story-line with it’s plot.

Books I Got #1

Books I Got is the place I’ll tell you all about the books and graphic novels that I bought over the span of …I don’t know… Basically, whenever I feel like I want… Continue reading

Follow Me Around #1 | April of Festivities

Since the month of May is finally here, it’s time for me to tell you how the month of April was for me. The concept of Follow Me Around just came to me… Continue reading

Wrap-Up | April 2015

So it’s time for my first Wrap-Up on this blog and it’s not the best, I read a total of 2 books in the whole of April! Yep, you read it correctly, 2… Continue reading

Comics I Got #1

Last week (April 24, 2015) I went to the comic book store to pick up some comics. I had asked them to keep some comics on hold for me, that way I could… Continue reading


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Rating System

When I’m posting a review about a book, comic, graphic novel or movie, I’ll be giving a rating based on how I felt about the book as well as how well it was… Continue reading