Brain Dump | Wanting Books & New Video

As I said in my previous post Looking Back & Moving Forward I thought about adding a new instalment to my blog called Brain Dump where I just write about whatever I want to write in that moment. So we’ll have to see and find out how this blog post will go! 😀

I think I’m going to just post random stuff here that does not quit fit within any other segment on my blog, namely just Brain Dump but also video’s I posted on my YouTube channel

A few days (or even weeks) ago I was sucked into the dark places of FOMO -Fear Of Missing Out- more specifically Book-FOMO. The reason for this was very simple and straightforward > my bank-account was super low, but all I wanted to do was buy books. The books that I really wanted to buy (and still really want/need to buy) are Glass Sword, Fairest, Winter and Miss Mayhem. I have the biggest urge to read these books at this particular moment in time! WHY?! I have absolutely no idea, I just know that I NEED these books in my life ASAP! Right now I just don’t have the money for it and it’s driving me freaking insane!

So while I’m driving myself insane with the idea that I NEED those books in my life, like right now, I also want to share with you my new video that I posted last night! ❤ The video is about annotating your books and I know that it might sound scary, there is nothing wrong with annotating your books. I just happen to use only sticky index tabs because those won’t damage the pages. And no worries, I don’t write in my books. If you want to watch me ramble about said topic it would mean a lot to me! Clicking on the picture (with my sexy face 😉 ) will take you to the video ❤

Annotating Your Books

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-Merel (Lucy)