My Booktube Comeback & Blogging 101

Hello everyone! Long time no see!! 2 or 3 months ago I wrote a post about how I was not dead but just busy and that I wanted to get back into blogging again. However, nothing much happened after I posted that post except for the 2 reviews that came right after it. The post I’m talking about can be found here!

Since that time nothing much has changed for me when it comes to blogging or filming, the only thing that changed is that now I have a little bit more free time so I can start fresh again with blogging and with filming for Booktube!

So what I’m getting at is simple, I’m following a Blogging 101 course online to boost my blogging skills (this means you’ll see posts from me about or because of the course, which I’m totally fine with because I kind of want to change the way I do things here and this also means a change in the sort of posts that I do) AND I’m getting back into filming again! From now on I’m also going to link my new Booktube videos here so you won’t have to look for them 🙂 The first of which is right below!!

I'm Back
To watch my way too long video click here

I hope you have a lovely day, I’ll see you again later today with a new post all about me again 😉

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-Merel (Lucy)