Book Review #6 (+Giveaway) | The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown by Daniel Waltz

I was send this book for review, everything written in this review is my own honest opinion. Thanks to the author for sending me a copy for review and a copy to give away.

The Water Travelers Heir of the Unknown - Daniel Waltz
The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown by Daniel Waltz
by Createspace on July 14, 2014
The Water Travelers #1
Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Goodreads rating:
3.86 / 5 My rating: 3.5 / 5

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The people of Upitar have the ability to go back forth between their world and Earth, through water. Aaron Archien is the heir to the throne of Upitar, and before his father feels he is ready to become king, he is given one last task: go to Earth, find the daughter of Michael Harper, bring her to Upitar, and kill her. The girl, Madalyne Harper, was prophesied about long ago to destroy the waterways, thus ending the world of Upitar. Although against the idea of taking an innocent life, Aaron agrees to do it for the sake of his people. But, upon going to Earth, he unknowingly meets Madalyne and they fall in love before their fates become known.

Before even reading this I didn’t even know this book was out there waiting for me to devour. But when the author reached out to me and asked if I would want to read and review it I was immediately intrigued when I read the synopsis. When I first started this book I had no idea what to expect because the synapses doesn’t really give a lot away about the plot, which I really like. I like not knowing what the book is about before diving in. Heir of the Unknown is the first book in a 7 book YA/fantasy/romance series called The Water Travelers.

This was my first try at a fantasy/romance novel and it didn’t disappoint. I really didn’t know what to expect and I went in completely blind and I think that is the best way to dive into a book. And even thought it’s a 500+ page book, I read it like a 300 page book. The story was very intriguing and kept me turning the pages to find out more. I didn’t really connect with any of the characters but I still enjoyed reading about them.

Aaron is from Upitar which is like the medieval times with no electricity, or any advanced technologies for that matter, so when he finds himself on earth there are some funny moments when he doesn’t know how the simplest of technologies work. Here is one of these moments:

He turned around and washed his hands in the sink. Afterward he saw a piece of paper towel hanging out of a box. […] The small, single piece of paper wasn’t enough. […] He put his hands on each side of the box and leaned in close to see the paper towel inside. The box made a strange noise and more paper towel suddenly came out of it. […] He kept putting his hands on the box and moving close to see the paper towel because that’s how he thought it worked. An old man with grey hair walked in and saw how Aaron was getting his paper towel. The man watched him for a second while Aaron just continued with his fascination of the machine. The man mumbled, “We’re doomed,” and walked back out the door. p.184-185

I really liked the world-building and the aspect of water travelling was really interesting. It is something I’ve never encountered and gives this series a unique view on fantasy. As I said before, the romance aspect of the book is not prominent in the story. Some of the decisions of Aaron and Madi are based solely on their romantic feelings. But the romance between the two was slow burning and mostly in the background which I appreciated a lot.

If you want to get into fantasy but don’t know where to start I highly suggest you pick up The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown. It’s a fun and exciting story with a new twist to fantasy and makes it his own. Even if you already read and love fantasy I suggest you read this to because it will give you some new insights in the YA/fantasy/romance genre.

“I don’t really leave the mountain anymore. I’ve just become content with enjoying the beauties of the world around me. There’s so many of them, you know. If you just take a moment to stop and look around, the world will open itself up to you.” p.400

Overall I liked the story, I did have some problems with the character because I did not completely agree with some of the decisions Madi made. I liked Aaron more as a character and what he stood for. I will continue on with the series because it did end on a cliffhanger and now I need to know what will happen and how the story will continue!

Final Verdict: 3.5 out of 5
3.5 Hearts

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