Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Book Review #6 (+Giveaway) | The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown by Daniel Waltz

When I first started this book I had no idea what to expect because the synapses doesn’t really give a lot away about the plot, which I really like. I like not knowing what the book is about before diving in.


Books I Got #3

Again I got more books than I anticipated. I thought I told myself I have enough books (for now) but somehow I still managed to gain 8 more…

Movie Review #1 | Fantastic Four (2015)

I was really excited for the Fantastic Four reboot because of both the casting and the trailer. But guys, I was really disappointed in Marvel.

Book Review # 5 | The Young Elites by Marie Lu

I read The Young Elites in only a few days, and mostly when I was sitting next to my sweetheart when he was playing Mortal Kombat X. This combination made me really love the book