Monthly Archive: July, 2015

Comic Recap #2 | Rat Queens Volume 1: Sass and Sorcery

Oh wow! I really enjoyed this first volume of Rat Queen! It’s spicy, bloody, intense and has the power to make you laugh out loud during a battle scene.


Book Review #4 | Cress by Marissa Meyer

If you haven’t read Cinder or Scarlet this might contain some spoilers for you! Oh and if you haven’t read them yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!

Books I Got #2

So this month I accumulated more books then I thought possible for my doing. I still don’t exactly know how it all happened but I got 6 books and 4 graphic novels, of which I only bought 1 of the books and all the graphic novels.

Update On Monthly Wrap-Ups

Okay, so if you’ve been following me on my blog for the last few months, you know that I have a YouTube channel with my best friends all about books. At the end… Continue reading