Let’s Talk #1 | How I Discovered My Love For Comics

Let's Talk

Let’s Talk is a new instalment to my blog where I talk about whatever. Here I’ll talk about certain topics that I find interesting or important. It’s titled “Let’s Talk” because I’m that clever (no seriously, I have no other ideas laying around and “Let’s Talk” sounded like something I would use IRL). Topics you can find here are along the lines of 3rd-person vs. 1st-person, why I love or hate certain genres, and so on. When there is something I really want to talk about, you will find it here.

For those who don’t know this, I only recently started really getting into reading again. When I say recently, I mean like 6 months ago, around the same time I discovered BookTube and all the lovely people in that community. Alongside the BookTube-community I found the Book-Blog-Community and it drew me right in. At the time I found BookTube, graphic novels became somehow popular alongside books. Everyone was talking about some new graphic novels and people really enjoyed them, so after a few months I finally gave in and bought a few high praised graphic novels including Seconds, Locke & Key and Saga.

So here begins my journey of reading graphic novels. I had the feeling I would enjoy them because I used to read a specific comics series growing up: Suske en Wiske (American title: Willy and Wanda | British title: Spike and Suzy). It was one of the most popular comic series from Belgium, and rightfully so! We had a pretty big collection at home so I’ve spend a lot of my time reading those comics and always loved them, I still have my favourites and now talking about them I kinda want to pick them up again.

When I was young and reading those comics, it never occurred to me that there are more comics than the one I know of. I don’t know why I never gave it much thought growing up, but that doesn’t matter any more because I re-discovered my love for comics. Mainly because of Saga! When graphic novels became popular in the BookTube-comminuty, everyone was talking about Saga and how amazing it was. At first I was hesitant with buying the first volume. That was until some book-lovers I follow said that Saga was a perfect graphic novel for beginners.

When more and more book-lovers started to express their love for Saga I was sold! I bought the first volume of Saga together with some other first volumes of other series like: Locke & Key, Amulet, Deadly Class and Seconds. I thought it was a smart decision only buying the first volume, because what if I didn’t like Saga. Oh boy, I couldn’t be more wrong! When I finished Saga Volume 1, I didn’t know what to do with myself, I needed to know what happened next! So when Dutch Comic Con happened only shortly after my “breakdown” I knew I wouldn’t walk out of there without the next volumes of Saga. Luckily for me they had volumes 2, 3, and 4 at Dutch Comic Con and I couldn’t be more happy.

I told myself I would read the volumes slowly so I wouldn’t have to wait to long for the new volumes. This didn’t work out the way I thought, because reading Saga made me fall in love with it. I needed to know everything about that series and I just couldn’t stop reading it! I flew through the volumes in no time and than was left with no more volumes to read. I got kind of desperate because I just didn’t know for how long I could live without a new Saga story. So I went online and found out Saga is a running comic series that’s being released every month. I was so thrilled that I immediately looked up comic-book-stores near me where I could get the single issues. If you want to know what happened at the comic-book-store, go check out Follow Me Around #1 or Comics I Got #1.

Long story short: I found out about Saga through the BookTube-community, bought it, read it and LOVED it. Went a little mad when I didn’t have more volumes to read, found out it was a running comic series, went mad all over again, got a subscription for the single issues at a comic-book-store, and now I can read Saga every month! But Saga alone isn’t enough for me and that’s where all the other comics and graphic novels come in play of which I’ve talked about.