Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Comics I Got #3

June came and went, but because it’s not over yet, I decided to go to the comic book store once again! This month I went twice because I just couldn’t wait for Nonplayer… Continue reading

Comic Recap #1 | Spider-Gwen 001-004

Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman, but you knew that already. What you DON’T know is what friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of Spider-Verse!

The Liebster Award

I couldn’t believe it when I got a notification with the text: “I have nominated you to answer my eleven questions and pass them on to other book bloggers!” This is so exciting and I’m happy to accept this award and its challenge. I got nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely Klinta@bookowly so here is my thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Book Review #3 | Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

It’s been some time since I got this book and now I’ve finally gave in and read it. I won the first 3 books of the Throne Of Glass series in the beautiful UK edition back in February (I think). And ever since I have the books on my shelf I’ve been meaning to read them but I always picked up something different.

Follow Me Around #2 | Best First Week Of June Ever

Okay, I need to explain something for you. For everyone who has actually read my first Follow Me Around, I was a bit too eager. I thought I was going to be able to make it a monthly feature where I would recap my month for you guys. But this is what in reality happened:

Let’s Talk #1 | How I Discovered My Love For Comics

So here begins my journey of reading graphic novels. I had the feeling I would enjoy them because I used to read a specific comics series growing up.